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Seminar FAQs


Is your seminar for individual or agency PI licensing?


In Washington State, there are two types of PI licenses. One is an agency license and the other is an individual license if you’re going to work for a PI agency.


If you want to pursue an agency license, the State requires that you pass an exam administered through the Department of Licensing.


Our PI seminar fulfills the requirements for your individual PI license training and helps as a study guide for taking your agency license exam. Check our Seminars page for more details and to register for our next seminar.


I need to attend the PI certified training sooner than you offer your next seminar. What should I do?


The Department of Licensing has a list of WA State certified trainers.


Can I obtain class materials prior to the seminar?


All students will receive the necessary materials at the beginning of class on the day of the seminar (and they are yours to keep!). Topics that will be covered in the no-fail  test at the end of the seminar are clearly covered during the class. There is no need to  study prior to the seminar.


Do I get my individual PI license at the end of the seminar?


No. Attending a minimum of 4 hours of certified training is just one step toward  obtaining your individual PI license. Some additional requirements are: obtain a copy of your fingerprints, include the PI agency you will be working for (or contracted by) on the application (LMI will provide the application but you must list what PI agency you will be sponsored by before submitting your application – you do not need to know this prior to attending the PI seminar), pay an application fee to DOL, etc.  For details on exactly what you need to submit in order to obtain your individual PI license, contact the WA State Department of Licensing and/or go to their website:


How long do I have after I attend your PI seminar, to submit the application for my individual license?


Currently there is no expiration date for this training.  This could change at any time so check with DOL (Department of Licensing) prior to submitting your application if there is a significant delay between the time you take the class and apply for your license. Once you have attended our PI seminar, be sure to keep the application we provide (signed by the certified trainer) in a safe place until you are ready  to submit all the application materials required by the State of WA.




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